People, Leadership and Culture


Every line on a financial statement reflects something a person has or has not done. People achieve business results, not 'organisations'. What our organisations must do is rally its resources to get the best from people. This means ensuring they are competent, confident and motivated to achieve the goals of the organisation, and they are provided with the necessary "nutrients" to fuel success and realise the business goals.

Modern approaches to people management recognise the importance of strategic goals and policies being integrated with operational realities. Strategic planning, people planning, organisation structure and the structure of management accountability and responsibility set the scene for how people will work in an organisation. In addition, the way information is managed and organisational communication is used convey important messages about the organisation, who it is, how it is and what it values.

Operational people and 'human resource management' (HRM) practices cascade from legislative dictates and business strategy. Operational people issues include employment issues (recruitment and selection, relationship termination, leave management), skills and knowledge enhancement (orientation and induction, training and development, career planning), performance management (individual and team performance measurement and review, discipline and grievances), management of relationships (employment relationships; employment agreement/contract form, content and negotiation), remuneration management, management of information (HRM information systems, privacy rights and best practice) health, safety and wellbeing (legislation and best practice, employee assistance programs, anti-harassment programs), diversity management.

Kaycee Projects endorses the international trend towards leaner human resources departments in organisations and increasing responsibility and accountability for people issues by line managers. It is the sensible means of achieving business objectives. People decisions are best made by those closest to the people - their managers. The role of the human resource professionals then becomes one of consulting and advising line managers, and facilitating the design, coordination and dissemination of policy and practice information in accordance with the Executive Team's wishes. The HR team are also the 'people conscience' of the organisation.

Kaycee Projects has experience in designing, implementing and auditing people policies and practices at strategic and operational levels. Call for assistance in working through any HRM issue for your organisation:

  • People Strategy

  • Strategic Management Development

  • Organisation Development, including Engagement

  • Management of Change

  • Audit of Human Resource Management

  • Drafting Employment Agreements / Contracts (for subsequent negotiation)

  • Organisation Structure and Job Design

  • Recruitment and Selection

  • Performance Management

  • Training and Development

  • Succession and Career Planning

  • Health and Safety Management

  • Management of Diversity

  • Discipline and Exit

  • Leadership

    Leadership development is currently the biggest part of Kaycee Projects' work portfolio. Drawing on her own research and that of others, Kris facilitates sessions in leadership, coaches leaders and speaks at events on leadership topics.

    While Kris is familiar with the gamut of leadership theory her particular specialties are:

  • inspiring leadership,

  • leadership of strategy,

  • leadership of change,

  • self-awareness, and

  • women in leadership.

  • Culture

    Edgar Schein claims that leadership and culture are two sides of the same coin. Kaycee Projects couldn't agree more. Leaders create culture and they create culture change.

    If you want to audit or describe your current team or organisation culture, articulate your ideal culture and / or develop a plan to achieve it, contact us to hear more about what we have done in this space and how we can help.