Business, Strategy and Performance

Ultimately, organisations are all about their performance, and strategy is the way they get where they want to be. Organisations with a strategic vision, mission, values and goals are set to achieve what they want to more certainly and with more style than their non-strategising counterparts.

Some organisations tie themselves in knots trying to develop strategies and write appropriate business documents - indeed, government organisations are required to present their plans in certain ways if they are to realise their funding potentials. In general, though, there is not one best way of developing plans and strategies at strategic or operational levels. What is best is what works for the organisation. Usually, that means the simpler the better.

That is not to say that strategy development and planning are easy. On the contrary. Most organisations find the processes very grueling and draining. More importantly, though, they find them enlightening and useful.

Rehearsed in applying a variety of strategy and planning techniques (including New Zealand Government requirements and 'balanced scorecards'), Kaycee Projects advocates tailoring the planning format and process to organisational requirements. That way, the resulting business plans and strategies will be useful, used and result in business performance. To ensure efficient coordination and that value is added to the planning process and outcomes, in large organisations it is likely that set planning formats will need to be provided to departments or branches.

Kaycee Projects has experience assisting with strategic planning (establishing or reviewing the vision, mission, values and goals that will drive and energise business success), strategy development and operational planning (ways to implement and measure achievement of the vision, mission, values and goals at organisational and departmental / branch levels). In fact, strategy implementation is what makes the real difference - not just the plans and processes. Kaycee Projects is rehearsed at providing practical assistance to help individuals and organisations 'make it happen' in real time.

Assistance provided includes: